Just Two Guys Fly in Formation with Jetpacks
December 11th, 2014
Who said a man will never fly?
Elton John Fell Out of a Chair
December 9th, 2014
Sorry Elton, but you toppled over like a candle in the wind.
What It’s Like to Ride a Rollercoaster on a Motorbike
December 8th, 2014
A rollercoaster ride went to a new, more risky level.
Nicki Minaj Spoofs Kim Kardashian’s Naked Photo Shoot on ‘SNL’
December 7th, 2014
Now we got it, Kim. It was all about the background.
Painfully Funny: Guy Sends Facebook #SayThanks Video To His Ex
December 5th, 2014
Sometimes you should SayThanks to your ex and move on.
If Michael Bay Directed ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’
December 3rd, 2014
Michal Bay in charge of a new installment of Star Wars? Enjoy another spoof video.
Barry the Pug Can’t Contain his Joy for Bath Time
December 2nd, 2014
Keep calm and take a bath – the life motto of Barry the pug.
If George Lucas Directed ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Trailer
December 1st, 2014
A version of the highly-anticipated tralier for Star Wars: Episode VII shows how George Lucas would have directed it.
Daredevil Сlimbs a 919-Foot Сhimney in Pitesti Without Any Equipment
November 27th, 2014
A thrilling video of a man getting atop of an abandoned 919-foot chimney without any safety equipment.
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