Grumpy Cat Makes Owner $100 Million
December 7th, 2014
Why so grumpy? You are worth a million!
Find It and You Can Enjoy It: Secret Swimming Pool Hidden in Mojave Desert
July 2nd, 2014
Creative Austrian artist, Alfredo Barsuglia, created a freshwater pool in the middle of a 25,000 square-mile Southern California desert as part of a social experiment.
Oregon Man Lives in a Boeing 727 in the Woods Because He Can
June 8th, 2014
An Oregon man hides in the woods in a Boeing 727 six months a year.
Lost Camera from 2012 Shipwreck Returned with Photos Intact
May 25th, 2014
A camera returned to its owner two years after being lost in a shipwreck.
Florida Police ‘Ticket’ Speeding Toddler in a Toy Car
March 14th, 2014
A 2-year-old Jacksonville toddler gets her first traffic ticket driving a toy convertible in the parking lot.
You Can Actually Swim Like Scrooge McDuck Now in this Bank Vault
December 12th, 2013
JamesEdition, the billionaires' version of eBay, is auctioning off a chance to connect with your inner Scrooge McDuck by swimming in a bank vault filled with 8 Million real Swiss coins.
Get Paid $100 a Day to Review Public Toilets
November 18th, 2013
Michael Li, who founded Toilet Finder website, is hiring people to review public toilets in New York for $100 a day.
United Nations Declares November 19 ‘World Toilet Day’
August 1st, 2013
World Toilet Day will be celebrated on November 19, 2013, the United Nations General Assembly has declared.
Drunk Inventors Caught Cruising in Car-Pool in Germany
July 30th, 2013
Unknown drunk inventors made a cool ride in a car pool in Germany.
Socks, Moonwalking Shetland Pony from Three’s Advert, Caught in Paternity Battle
June 9th, 2013
The Shetland pony who became famous after ‘moonwalking’ on a Three's commercial has found himself embroiled in a paternity battle.
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