Meet HAPIfork, a Fork that Helps you Lose Weight

A fork that vibrates when you eat too much has been developed. The HAPIfork knows how fast you’re eating and helps you slow down through use of gentle vibrations and indicator lights.

What if your fork could tell you when you were eating too fast? That's the idea behind HAPIfork, a fork designed to help you lose weight by making you eat slower. Picture: Hapifork/Rex Features

What if your fork could tell you when you were eating too fast? That’s the idea behind HAPIfork, a fork designed to help you lose weight by making you eat slower. Picture: Hapifork/Rex Features

HAPILABS is a company aimed at helping individuals in the 21st century take control of their HAPIness, health and fitness through applications and mobile connected devices.

And the latest device this company has presented is the HAPIfork  –  an electronic fork that helps you monitor and track your eating habits. It also alerts you with the help of indicator lights when you are eating too fast.  It works in tandem with a smartphone app which receives data transmitted by the fork.

Every time you bring food from your plate to your mouth with your fork, this action is called: a “forkserving”.  HAPIfork monitors the start and end time of your meal, the amount of “fork servings” taken per minute and per meal, the specific duration of each “fork serving” interval and your overall meal duration. It also sends a gentle vibration your way when you’re eating too fast. The vibration feels a lot of like what you get when you have your phone on silent, states Mashable.

This information is then uploaded via USB to your Online Dashboard to track your progress. The HAPIfork also comes with the HAPILABS app plus a coaching program to help improve your eating behavior.

You can choose to keep your eating account private or share some or all of this data with friends and family who are supporting your healthy eating regime. The HAPIfork was unveiled at CES, the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

We all know perfectly, that eating too fast leads to poor digestion and poor weight control. The idea is that you only feel full roughly 20 minutes after a meal, so the faster you eat, the more you eat. The manufacturers claim that the slower you eat, the faster you feel full, supporting your goal of taking in less calories during each meal.

Why is it important to eat slowly?

As the official HAPlabs site states, since 2002, a series of scientific studies highlighted the negative effects related to eating meals too quickly:
Weight gain: as during the meal, satiety is felt after about 20 minutes. The faster you eat, the more you eat.

Digestive problems: food that is eaten too quickly is often poorly chewed. The work of the digestive tract is made more difficult.

Gastric reflux: several studies have shown that the faster one eats, the more likely the possiblity of gastric reflux.

Postoperative complications: eating more slowly lessens the stress on weakened tissues.

Visit to access the last scientific surveys about the benefits of eating slowly.

“We created HapiLabs to help people take control of their happiness, health and fitness. Fifty percent of your health comes from what you eat. That’s where HapiFork comes in,” Fabrice Boutain, the CEO and founder of HapiLabs, told ABC News.

HAPIfork will be launching on Kickstarter in March, with plans to launch in the United States in April, 2013.

The company also plans to release a fitness monitor called HAPItrack which counts your steps, calories, workout time and distance.

To see HAPIfork device in work and consumer’s reviews, visit HAPIlabs official YouTube channel.

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